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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Team Hawk

Team Hawk, formerly Team Snake was formed by Sasuke Uchiha for originally one purpose; to find and kill Itachi Uchiha.

After Sasuke defeated Orochimaru, he began to free captives held by Orochimaru. Among them were Mist Seven Swordsmen trainee Suigetsu, a kunoichi guard named Karin who is infatuated with Sasuke, and the original source of Orochimaru's cursed seal power, Jugo. After gathering the group together, Sasuke revealed he planned to kill his brother Itachi. He then dubbed the group with their "Snake" name.

The members of Hawk as part of the Akatsuki.
The members of Hawk as part of the Akatsuki.

However, after Sasuke's battle with Itachi and his subsequent talk with Madara Uchiha about the "truth" of his village, Sasuke renamed Team Snake, to Hawk with a new single purpose, to destroy Konohagakure, although he only plans to kill the elders. They are now working together with Akatsuki for that reason. Working with Akatsuki, Team Hawk was ordered to capture the Eight-Tailed Beast, while Akatsuki deals with the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, and his Jinchūriki; Naruto Uzumaki.

They soon made their way to the Lightning Country coming close to Kumo and sporting new Akatsuki uniforms. Here Suigetsu and Sasuke interrigate a Yotsuki clan ninja for the whereabouts of the Eight Tails's Jinchuriki. They learn his location is the Unraiko mountains and there they confront Kira Hachi, a black ninja who demands respect. He quickly gets on everyone's nerves with his constant rapping.

Suigetsu immediately engages him in combat and, much to everyone's surprise, Kira easily holds Suigetsu's sword back and, off camera, easily defeats Jugo. Sasuke then confidently goes one on one with Kira and as he weilds Suigetsu's sword, Sasuke kicks him in the chest but instead of feeling pain, Kira takes time out of the fight to make a new rap. Sasuke then battles Kira while he uses his seven swords and shockingly actually mortally wounds Sasuke by slamming swords in his chest.

The rest of the team moves in to save Sasuke and Karin reveals an ability that can heal people to save Sasuke, Sasuke then shockingly admitted she saved his life. As they battle Kira three on one, Kira announces he will unveil his final blade on them.

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